Acitretin (Generic Soriatane) - Product information and Uses

Acitretin which is available undert the brand name Soriatane or Neotigason is a second generation retinoid. It is a medicine that is taken orally, and is used in the treatment of severe forms of psoriasis in adults. Psoriasis is a skin disease that causes cells in the outer layer of the skin to grow faster than normal and pile up on the skin's surface. In the most common type of psoriasis, the skin becomes inflamed and produces red, thickened areas, often with silvery scales. A therapeutic effect occurs after 2 to 4 weeks or longer. Since acitretin can be reverse metabolised into etretinate which has a long half-life, women must avoid becoming pregnant for at least 3 years after discontinuing acitretin. Acitretin is therefore not recommended for women of child bearing age with a risk of becoming pregnant.
Before starting treatment with Generic Soriatane and during treatment, it is highly recommended have blood tests for liver function, cholesterol and triglycerides to check your body's response to Soriatane. Acitretin is the medication of choice used in the treatment of severe resistant psoriasis. Acitretin is readily absorbed and widely distributed after oral administration.

Acitretin - Availability And Packaging

Acitretin is available as Generic Soriatane Capsules which is packaged in 10 mg and 25 mg capsules. Generic Soriatane is available as Acetec Capsules.

Acitretin (Generic Soriatane) - Contraindications

Generic Soriatane is contraindicated in patients with severely impaired liver or kidney function and in patients with chronic abnormally elevated blood lipid values. Generic Soriatane is also contraindicated in persons that have hypersensitivity to Acitretin or any inactive ingredient of the preparation or to other retinoids.
Soriatane should not be taken if you use these medicines methotrexate or tetracyclines. The use of these medicines with Soriatane may cause serious side effects.

Side Effects of Acitretin (Generic Soriatane)

The common side effects of Acitretin (Generic Soriatane) are Rigors, Xerophthalmia, Cheilitis, Rhinitis, Dry mouth, Epistaxis, Arthralgia, Spinal hyperostosis (progression of existing lesions), Alopecia, Dry skin, Erythematous rash, Skin peeling, Nail disorder, Hyperesthesia, Pruritus, Paresthesia, Paronychia, Skin atrophy and Sticky skin.

Acitretin (Generic Soriatane) - Dosage

Therapy with Generic Soriatane should be started at 25 to 50 mg per day, given as a single dose with the main meal.
Maintenance doses of 25 to 50 mg per day can be given dependent upon an individual patient’s response to initial treatment. In case you miss a dose, do not double the next dose. Skip the missed dose and resume your normal dosing schedule.

Overdosage and Overdose Symptoms of Acitretin (Generic Soriatane)

In the event of acute overdosage, Generic Soriatane must be stopped immediately. Symptoms of Acitretin overdose are identical to acute hypervitaminosis A, ie, headache and vertigo.

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