Infection and Infestation

This category has reviews of Medical Products that are used for the treatment of diseases caused by Infection and Infestation.

What is Infection?

In an infection, the infecting organism seeks to utilize the host's resources to multiply, usually at the expense of the host. The infecting organism, or pathogen, interferes with the normal functioning of the host and can lead to chronic wounds, gangrene, loss of an infected limb, and even death.
Many individuals develop a variety of infections but quickly overcome them. However, some individuals are unfortunate and develop chronic or persistent infections. In the majority of cases, persistent infections are caused by viruses and not bacteria.

What is Infestation?

Infestation refers to the state of being invaded or overrun by parasites.
The term is broadly used and can refer to parasite's living in or on the host. Generally the term "infestation" refers to parasitic diseases that are caused by animals, including worms and arthropods.