Sertaconazole Nitrate Cream (Generic Ertaczo Cream) - Product information and Uses

Sertaconazole Nitrate Cream (Generic Ertaczo Cream) is an antifungal medication of the imidazole class. Generic Ertaczo Cream is used for the topical treatment of fungal skin infections such as athlete's foot (tinea pedis) in immunocompetent patients 12 years of age and older, caused by Trichophyton rubrum, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, and Epidermophyton floccosum.
Like other imidazole antifungals, sertaconazole blocks the synthesis of Ergosterol which is a critical component of the fungal cell membrane. Inhibition of Ergosterol synthesis prevents fungal cells from multiplying and impairs hyphae growth. Sertaconazole has also antiinflammatory and antipruritic action. It inhibits the release of proinflammatory cytokines from activated immune cells. Sertaconazole also has antibacterial action.

Sertaconazole Nitrate Cream (Generic Ertaczo Cream) - Availability And Packaging

Generic Ertaczo Cream is available as Onabet cream in strength of 2% (manufactured by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd).

Side Effects of Generic Ertaczo Cream

Side effects of Generic Ertaczo Cream 2% (Onabet cream) included minor skin reactions such as contact dermatitis, erythema, pruritus, vesiculation, desquamation, hyperpigmentation, dry skin, burning skin, application site reaction and skin tenderness

Sertaconazole Nitrate Cream (Generic Ertaczo Cream) - Dosage

The recommended dosage of Generic Ertaczo Cream for various indications is given below:
Treatment of Interdigital Tinea Pedis:
In the treatment of Interdigital Tinea Pedis, Generic Ertaczo Cream 2%, should be applied twice daily for 4 weeks. Sufficient Generic Ertaczo Cream, 2%, should be applied to cover both the affected areas between the toes and the immediately surrounding healthy skin of patients with interdigital tinea pedis. If a patient shows no clinical improvement 2 weeks after the treatment period, the diagnosis should be reviewed.

Onabet Cream (Sertaconazole Nitrate Cream)View Of Onabet Antifungal Cream

Generic Ertaczo Cream - Contraindications

Generic Ertaczo Cream is contraindicated in individuals that have a hypersensitivity to Sertaconazole Nitrate, other imidazoles, or any inactive component of this product .

Warnings and Precautions when using Sertaconazole Nitrate Cream (Generic Ertaczo Cream)

Sertaconazole Nitrate Cream (Generic Ertaczo Cream) is not indicated for ophthalmic, oral or intravaginal use. A separate product containing the same active ingredient, Sertaconazole Nitrate is available in a vaginal tablet form for vaginal use.
Sertaconazole Nitrate Cream is for use on the skin only. If irritation or sensitivity develops with the use of Generic Ertaczo Cream, 2%, treatment should be discontinued and appropriate therapy instituted.

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